Reasons to Support Small Business and Shop Local

Why Shop Small? 5 Great Reasons to Support Small Business and Shop Local

Are you busy making Black Friday plans? The holiday shopping season is just getting started. Good news: Small Business Saturday is November 29!

In 2010 American Express launched Small Business Saturday too help businesses with their most pressing need — attracting more customers. The day encourages people across the country to shop at small, local businesses, on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

When you shop local, it can lead to big things in your community!

5 Reasons to Support Small Business and Shop Local

1. Boosts the Local Economy

Each dollar spent at locally owned businesses returns an average of three times more money to your community than spending at national chains.

2. Customer Service is Better

Local business owners have specific product expertise. They often make their cell phone numbers available. Now that is personal customer service!

3. Maintains Local Character and Prosperity

Small businesses add unique character to a community. Distinctive regional features attract outside investors, enhance your personal satisfaction, and increase property values.

4. Greater Support for Non-Profits

Small local businesses donate more resources to local charities and teams compared to big business. Additionally, large firms contribute primarily to the areas where the corporation is headquartered, not necessarily where they do business.

5. Offer Unique, Personalized Products

Small shops often sell locally made, unique items that are not available at major chains.

About Us
SunWorks, etc. is a small local business. We produce authentically custom, handcrafted, unique designs. At the heart of it all, customer satisfaction remains primary and we strive to make each end customer happy. Made in the U.S.A. proud.

We encourage you to contact us for an appointment to visit our studio located in Annville, Pennsylvania.

Please remember our local neighborhood on Small Business Saturday. Shop your local stores and help support your community!

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