Outdoor Kitchen Design: Why Proportion is Important

This article focuses on achieving pleasing proportion in outdoor kitchen design.

Proportion is about balance and how things fit together harmoniously.

Example from Everyday Life 

Baking cookies requires conscious measures. Put in too much flour and the cookies will be solid as rocks. Do not add enough sugar and they will not be sweet enough. Using the correct amount of ingredients ensures the finished product is palatable. Our senses quickly observe something is wrong when ingredients are imbalanced.

Achieving Harmony with Proper Proportion

Outdoor Kitchen Design: Why Proportion is ImportantHarmony is an orderly and agreeable combination of elements in a whole.

Individual parts compliment each other enhancing the overall composition.

When features are out of proportion, they often appear awkward and unbalanced.

Conversely, balanced elements have a more complete and visually pleasing appearance.

Achieving Proportion in Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchen Design: Visually Pleasing ProportionsOutdoor kitchens are the hottest trend in backyard entertaining.

Proportion is relevant here in terms of the size of the materials used to construct the outdoor kitchen –specifically, the size of the base compared to the countertop.

Because an outdoor kitchen is an investment, proper planning will ensure it is functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Outdoor kitchen countertops must be durable to withstand exposure to the elements. A 1 1/4 inch granite slab for an outdoor kitchen is most common; however, for proportional design consideration, granite is not ideal.

Outdoor Kitchen Design: Visually Pleasing Proportions

5″ rounded drop

We suggest the homeowner, contractor or landscaper construct the base to accommodate a proportionally larger countertop. This will achieve an overall balanced outdoor kitchen design. Specifically, we recommend a minimum two inch thick countertop; however, three+ inches looks even better!

Concrete is the number one material for taking cooking and entertaining outdoors. Foremost, decorative concrete countertops are highly functional and versatile.  No other medium competes with the nearly limitless design options that concrete affords.

  • all-weather, naturally heat resistant building medium
  • alter and customize shape, color and pattern to compliment any décor
  • easy to maintain and clean – simply spray off with hose when needed

Granite and concrete are comparable in cost. The extra cost for a thicker custom-made concrete countertop is well worth it for the enhanced harmonious design value.

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